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Hi, I'm just a girl serving Jesus! My  name  is Pamela Conerly! It is my endeavor to utilize my unique personality to encourage you in Christ. 🙏🏼😊🤓❤️

This blog came out of my experiences with God and how he has graced

 me with an ability to use my words

for his glory. I hope you are encouraged, motivated, uplifted, stirred, and propelled naturally and spiritually.

The name Bellentines is a combination of the word Belle (which means beauty) and the word Valentines (which symbolizes a day for love). God wanted me to know and experience beauty and love everyday. So, he whispered Happy Bellentines Day instead of Happy Valentine's day!

As a visitor here, you are part of the Bellentines community; therefore, we would like you to experience beauty and love everyday as well. ❤️😊

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